The Forged Athlete Promise

At Forged Athlete, your doctor spends the entire appointment with you every time.

One on one appointments to help you meet your goals for your unique injury.

We identify the root cause of your problem, address your issue directly, and show you how to keep it from returning.

You will feel confident that you can rely on your body again to perform at a high level.


No surprise bills. We are interested in forging relationships with people, not insurance companies. You will know your financial responsibility at the time of each visit.

On Time

Your time is valuable, and we aren't interested in wasting it. Your appointment will always begin at the scheduled time.

One on One

No support staff. Just you and your doctor working together. A one on one appointment, Every Single Visit. You will leave with a full understanding of your unique plan and how to execute it.

Hoping a nagging injury will go away on its own is not a plan. For many injuries, rest is not the answer, leaving many athletes FRUSTRATED. Why just sit around and hope that it plays out differently for you?

We understand these MINOR INJURIES can be played through sometimes. The problem is that your performance and training habits suffer if things don’t improve.

We care that you get the proper plan to resolve your issue from someone who truly knows what it takes. When you choose us, we provide you with an INDIVIDUALIZED recovery plan and intelligent training program.

You will feel CONFIDENT in your body again and be ready to compete at a high level. Others will notice too.

Take that FIRST STEP toward a streamlined recovery, give us a call and let us know what you are dealing with.