Performance Therapy with Forged Athlete

We help athletes and active adults overcome injuries with unique recovery plans and training programs.

The Forged Athlete Process

Find The Root Cause

Your first appointment will hone in on exactly what is holding you back! This will let you know what the best treatment programs are for you.

Address The Issue

Get a plan that you can start on right away. This will include the tools and exercises to get you results you want.

Keep It From Returning

The most important part. You will have a plan to your body in a high performing and resilient state for years to come.

About Forged Athlete

Dr. Drew is the founder of Forged Athlete located in Seattle, WA.

He specializes in treating athletes and active adults with knee injuries.

Drew grew up playing many sports, mostly basketball and track. This exposed him to many influential coaches in his life. He has personally experienced many different sports injuries. As a result he is very familiar with the training room and being in physical therapy. Through these experiences, a passion for movement, sports physical therapy, and human performance emerged. When he formed Forged Athlete, it was so he could provide help others return to peak performance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drew believes that everyone should have a basic knowledge of movement and proper training to enhance their lives.

Drew is a physical therapist and USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach.  He earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of the Pacific.  Outside the clinic, you may find him playing in a pickup game or training in the gym. His favorite book is The Essential Wooden.

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