Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rates for your services? – $175 for a single visit/evaluation | 6 visit package at a rate of $155/visit | 10 visit package at a rate of $145/visit, please note that packages will expire 1 year following the date of your initial evaluation.


What is an online visit like? – Online visits are done via secure video using When you schedule an online visit you will receive a link to the online treatment room from your PT. Using the video platform your PT will be able to analyze your movement and guide your through treatment just as if it were an in person visit. If your PT determines that your case is not appropriate to be treated online then this will be communicated with you during the appointment and your visit will be refunded.


You don’t take insurance? – We do not directly accept health insurance and we are considered an “out of network” provider. Patients pay us directly for each session, but if the patient has “out of network benefits” with their insurance provider then we can offer a receipt of payment to submit for reimbursement.
But Why? – Being out of network allows us to perform treatments and develop a plan that focuses on your goals. We are putting control back in our patient’s hands. Your insurance company should not determine your treatment. You and your provider should be in complete control of your recovery plan so you can get the best results in the most efficient manner. This ultimately saves time and money. We strive to provide the best healthcare experience you’ve ever had, and this route allows us to do that for you.


So what do you accept? – We accept cash, check, credit/debit, and HSA/FSA.


Can I get reimbursed? – Upon request we will provide you with necessary information to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, this is referred to as a “Superbill”.¬† A Superbill provides your insurance company with all the information they need to create a claim. It does not guarantee you will be reimbursed and it is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits or call your insurance provider to verify them. A referral is not needed for an appointment, but may be necessary for your insurance to reimburse you. Washington is a direct access state, meaning that you are able to see a physical therapist without a referral from a physician.


Will I get a bill in the mail? – No you will not, no surprise bills. All payments will be due at the time of service unless they have been prepaid with a package that we offer.


Do you offer online appointment/consults? РWe offer online appointments  for physical therapy appointments in WA state and certain other states by request. Please email if you are interested in working with us remotely.


What are the workshops you offer? – We offer a variety of workshops based on the needs of the audience or setting. The goal of these is to provide the audience with valuable information related to movement, training, and safety with physical activity. Advance notice is required for this so we encourage you to reach out to us at with questions or requests.


Where are you located? – We are located inside of Elliott Bay Crossfit in the Belltown district of Seattle. The entrance is on 3rd Ave between Blachard St and Bell St. We also have a new satellite location inside of Fremont Health Club.